How to Submit Fixes, Requests, and Suggestions

Earn While You Learn is a program that grew out of a few lessons written to meet the needs of a small center to a world-wide curriculum plan used to teach young women and men the essentials of pregnancy, infant care, and child discipline. As always, Heritage House has worked to provide the most up-to-date and highest-quality information in the 46 modules and 230 lessons but occasionally a small error may make it through the proofing process. This is where we rely on you, our customers, to help make EWYL better for everyone.

Suggest a Wording Change / Error - Sometimes the wording of a phrase or sentence may just not sound right. Submit what you believe the appropriate wording should be and and we will look into making the change.

Suggest a Content Update - Do you feel information is a bit dated? Provide a location for the newer information and we will make every effort to bring EWYL in line with the newest information possible.

Suggest a Lesson Topic - There are so many important topics for new mothers that we certainly have not covered them all. Why not give us a suggestion of a topic you think we should cover.