If you are hoping to have an impact right now just call and ask for our financing option for EWYL. With Heritage House’s simple approval process, you can pay for EWYL based on monthly donations rather than a large single donation. The process is simple and works for all non-profit organizations. All you do is pay 10% of your order total for 12 months and you own the program! But, best of all, your program will ship out as soon as you order!

For as little as $199 a month, you can have EWYL running in your center! Can you find five donors to give just $30 each every month? That will cover the cost of the EWYL program. And, after a year, the program is yours without a large cash payment.

For details on financing, please call Missie at 1-800-858-3040 x227. Payments are per month for a 12-month period. Finance charges are included in the payments. To calculate total cost multiply your payment by 12. Payment plans are available for purchases of $500 or more. Credit is available with a credit card or an approved application. EWYL purchases via payment plans are returnable up to 30 days after the initial purchase date as long as they are in resaleable condition.